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Are your Professional Investigators State certified?

Yes, all of them.  According to Maine State Law Title 32 Section 8105, and must meet the following criteria:

  • Age- at least 21 years of age
  • Citizenship-is citizen or alien of the United States
  • Character- must show good moral character with strict restrictions of any civil or criminal violations
  • Experience- Has been employed for a minimum of 3 years as a member of an investigative service of the United States as a sworn member of a branch of the United States Armed Forces or a federal investigative agency.(experience in other states can be substituted)
  • Examination- Has passed an examination administered by the chief covering subjects pertaining to private investigation to be prescribed by the chief 

Do your investigators have insurance?

Yes, they are insured and bonded. 

Why hire a Professional Investigator?

Clients hire Professional Investigators for variety of reasons.  Clients are law firms, corporations, insurance companies, private parties and other entities.  Our investigators are trained and have experience interviewing and investigating all types of cases.  

How do I get in contact with a Fidelis Investigator?

Call 207-390-0543, email or P.O. Box 102, West Rockport, Maine 04856

How much does it cost?

In majority of cases the hourly rate of $75 will be charged with a required minimum of 4 hours.  There are cases that a flat rate can be assessed as well.  Most cases require a retainer fee prior to taking on the case. 

Will anyone know I hired Fidelis Investigations?

Our services are 100% confidential unless instructed otherwise.