internal Investigations

Workplace Sexual Harassment


Stakes are high with when it comes to workplace sexual harassment. Successful organzations can be impacted by not effectively investigating matters.  Fidelis Investigations works to ensure: 

  •  Investigators are mindful of the privacy rights of employees and witnesses  
  • The investigation is conducted thoroughly and in a timely manner;
  • Investigators and investigations are objective; and
  • The goal of the investigation is to discover the underlying reasons for the problem so corrective action can be taken.

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Workplace Misconduct


 A professionally conducted employee misconduct investigations is particularly beneficial in situations where difficult or unorthodox misconduct circumstances are transpiring.  Fidelis Investigators will unburden your human resources department from needing to develop an academic understanding of noncompliance issues, as well as reduce any further stress that witnesses and victims may experience. All investigations are carried out in a timely manner and remains objective and unbiased. 

Independent Investigations


 One thing courts consistently insist on is that an investigation be performed promptly. It is best to immediately respond with an appropriately scoped investigation, which Fidelis Investigations can provide.